SIM Instant Messenger

SIM Instant Messenger

IM client with multiple network support


  • Support for the most popular networks


  • Basic design and functionality
  • Stability issues

Not bad

IM applications are a great way to stay in touch with your friends. But what happens if they all use different networks? Either you choose one single network (therefore losing contact with all friends left outside) or you use a multi-network IM client like SIM.

This tool enables you to connect to multiple IM networks at the same time, displaying all your contacts on the same window. This is great when you have friends and family spread over different IM systems, as SIM offers support for the most popular ones: ICQ, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo! and more.

During our tests, however, the program seemed a bit unstable and it even crashed once. The interface and general design lines look very basic, as well as the functionality offered by the program.

SIM-IM (SIM Instant Messenger) is a free software package licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). SIM provides a plugins-based instant messenger with support for various protocols. Based on the Qt library (with optional KDE support) SIM-IM works on most operating systems.

All protocols support richtext-messages, file transfer, typing notification, server-side contact list (with postponed synchronization - you can change contact list in offline mode and after log on all changes will be synchronized with server), new account registration, various searches and HTTP-polling.

You can use multiple accounts for each protocol: ICQ, AIM, Jabber, LiveJournal, MSN and Yahoo!

SIM Instant Messenger


SIM Instant Messenger

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